Kootenay Computer was founded in 2015 by Sebastiaan (Seb) van der Horst who, after operating a successful IT firm in Holland for 24 years, found himself relocating to Cranbrook for the area’s beautiful mountains and lifestyle. His experience and forward-thinking expertise in the IT industry soon led to the formation of Kootenay Computer.

Since then, Kootenay Computer has become the region’s leading IT service provider. With a focus on providing proactive solutions, our team works closely with business owners, telecommuters and individuals to not only solve computer problems as they occur but prevent them from happening. By mitigating the risk of a security breach or technological malfunction, we help you and your business operate successfully and smoothy.

Our proactive approach is also based on strategy. So right from the start, we evaluate your systems to make sure they are equipped to accommodate both short- and long-term growth goals.

Plus, our solutions are custom tailored to the unique needs of every individual and their business. Our fixed fee service plans also help make your business more predictable, ensuring that unexpected costs due to things like computer malfunction and server crashes, do not crop up.

Whether you are a business owner, a home office worker or an individual who’s in need of computer repairs, Kootenay Computer is here to help.


At Kootenay Computer, we are pleased to support Kimberley Arts at Centre 64, Blue Lake Centre and many other not-for-profit organizations within the Kootenay area with expert advice and technical support. Also, we are currently donating 150 computers to the Salvation Army through the Computer Donation Program.

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