Take control of customer service with a modern business phone system

Have you ever missed a call that would have been a major benefit to your business? You probably wouldn’t realize it if you had. Do you remember what was said on that call last year? Probably not, unless you have a phone system that automatically records and archives every single call.

Let’s face it, every business that wants to be taken seriously needs professional business phones. Is your current phone system letting your business down? It’s time to step out of the dark ages and upgrade to a modern phone system.

Today’s business phone systems offer the reliable support your business needs, along with a full suite of communication features, such as digital reception, integrated video conferencing and live chat. All this without the need for additional downloads, adds or purchases.

Sound expensive? Nope, that is dark age stuff too. Modern phone systems can save your business up to 70% on a multi-line plan.

Want to learn more? Please contact Kootenay Computer for a free consultant. We offer sales, installation and support of the advanced 3CX Phone Systems. Be sure to ask about our managed monthly IT packages to get technical support from a local IT professional for maintenance and any questions or concerns you may have.

Take control of your customer service, your record-keeping and your perception in the marketplace. Get up to date with modern technology and leave the dark ages behind.


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